Vintage Sailer Boys





Mariano And I


After I had taken photos and made drawings of Mariano, he and I modeled together for some stock photos of gay couples, since they are what I use most in my work. Here are some of those photos of my friend Mariano and I at play in the studio!



Wedding Bells

I recently made a new wedding card, and used an old photo shoot from a little over a year ago of a model in San Francisco. The model in question was a friend of my photographer friend Dot, who wanted to work as a call boy and had come by my studio to model for his rent boy profile, since I was letting Dot use my studio for his own projects. Seeing as Isaac needed a fluffier, and I was at hand, I was pressed into service, and found myself in a lovely little photoshoot, my only job to keep my new friend in a state of excitement. It was lovely. Here are some photos from that photo shoot and some photos of the piece in progress!


Moon Baby

Naturally, it seemed necessary to take some more erotic photos of my good friend Dante on our paper moon; these are the result, along with a couple of the paintings the photos were taken for!


Vintage Naked Guys





Dante And the Moon


Dante is once of my recent, better friends that I have met of late, and one of my favorite models. He is a trapeze artist (I hope to photograph him nude on the trapeze one day, if I can find a place to do it!). These were taken the first time he came to model for me, a few weeks ago, but as I just finished posting the first set of paintings made with the photo shoot, I thought it a good time to share! Here he is, posing on the paper moon I made for a costume party.



Mariano Poses

These were the very first photos I took of Mariano the day he come by the studio to pose. We had met previously in the garden at UNAM, but hadn't really talked much, since, well, he, Elias and I were rather preoccupied. In these photos he is getting comfortable, posing nude for an artist for the first time in his life, and we are getting to know one another. We had a lovely time, and not long after dressing him up as a Unicorn and taking photos in the guest room (photos I already posted last week), the two of us started to pose and to play together. I'll post those photos soon!


Dinner At Home

I invited a photographer friend over for dinner last night, for a nice meal of pasta and wine with Elias and I. He pulled out his camera and started shooting as we made our dinner, and in a rather short amount of time I found myself naked at the cutting board, per the request of my friend, while he ook some shots of Elias and I at work in the kitchen! Elias didn't strip until after dinner, as he was feeling cold (its been rainy and foggy lately in Mexico City), but after dinner, the three of us drank wine in the linking room, dressed in minimal costumes in a nice comfy, heated room, with our friend. Here are some photos of Elias and I working in the kitchen, and of us hanging out on the couch, taken by our lovely friend.


The Water Sprite

I used some photos taken by my friend Dot years ago, of myself with Fyrefly, for just this sorry of image; of centaurs with their lovers, knights in shining armor, and the like. Here is the process of "The Water Sprite" and the photos of Fyrefly and I


Vintage Athletes