Mariano And The Unicorn

So a couple of weeks ago, Elias and I went down to his University together to spend some quiet hours in the library, reading books. His University is enormous, with giant gardens filled with secluded glades, one of which feels almost ominous, as it is on the site of an ancient lava flow, with deep ravines, grottos, giant cactus, strange walls and staircases rising out of the undergrowth and going nowhere. It is easy to get lost in these gardens, as Elias and I in fact have done on several occasions. Feeling a little restless with my book, I leaned over to Elias and whispered something dirty in his ear, and before long we were running to the lava garden, racing along, looking for a particular deep grotto where Elias has spent many a lovely sojourn with a pretty college boy from the library. So there we were, hidden by the underbrush as I gave Elias a blow job, when I saw from behind the rocks and Elias' back a handsome young man regarding us from the shadows. I took a small break from my ministrations and smiled at him, and when Elias noticed my gaze he turned around and smiled as well, and before long the young man had joined us and we three spent a lovely half-hour in the shaded grotto, to the delight of an old gardner who took his seat nearby and happily regarded us. The young man in question turned out to be a charmer, 21, studying painting and fine art. We got along famously, the three of us, and finally, last night, he was able to make it to the studio for a drawing session. I'll post the drawings I made of him soon, but for now, here are some of the photos I took last night, of our new friend Mariano!


Afternoon Phone Call

Its been a lovely warm, not-so-rainy day, and upon coming home from walking Caperucita, this is the lovely sight that greeted my eyes! My beautiful Elias, lying around talking with friends, as charming as can be. It was too lovely a sight not to share!



The Nude Bike Party 2

More photos of the party.



Vintage Love





The Nude Bike Party

At the end of the World Nude Bike Ride, Elias and I wandered around the plaza, collecting cute naked boys to take back home with us for a little after party at my house, since I live just a few blocks from where the bike ride ended. Everyone was universally lovely, and even those boys who had other plans and were unable to come by my place gave me their numbers so they could model for me later. So Elias and I went home with our various boys, in a nice little naked parade up to the front door of my building, and continued drinking and eating until midnight! Elias was feeling particularly loving that day, plus we were tired from the hot sun over the hours of the parade, so we snuggled in our hammock in the living room, watching the boys have fun, nuzzling and kissing and rubbing one another's skin as the hours rolled past. I asked him late in the evening if he thought I should move the party to the bedroom, but he said no, he wanted only to be with me, so I ushered the boys out and we retired to my bedroom, to enjoy the sweet taste of one another until sleep overtook us. It was a lovely day.



The Nude Bike Ride


Here are some photos of the ride itself, from its start near the Park of Chapultepec to its end a few blocks from my house, at the Plaza Sao Paolo, where the pretty boys cavorted naked in the fountain of Michaelangelo's David (but not Elias and I - the water looked none to clean). This is where Elias and I wandered about the plaza, collecting cute boys for an after-ride party to proceed at my house. Photos will follow soon!



The Start Of the Ride

The morning of the World Nude Bike Ride! Elias and I rode our bikes together to Reforma and Chapultepec where we met my friend Dante, the trapeze artist, and his boyfriend. The four of us hung out and got dressed (or undressed, as the case may be), and hung out until it was time to start! Elias didn't become the greek god we had intended, but his chains and sunglasses have a nice hip-hop feel that I think contrasts nicely with my leopard skin. I thought he looked adorable (as always - but especially so!).


Control Panel 


My painting "Control Panel" was based on some photos taken in my studio by my lovely photographer friend Dot while I was still living in San Francisco. The models are Grapefruit, a charming college student I met at Burning man, and whose photos in my skimpy costumes will soon grace the pages of this blog, and Esteban, a Panamanian I met while sojourning in those Southern Climes many years ago, and who had finally came up to visit me! His English is a little, shall we say, minimal, and Grapefruit speaks no Spanish at all, but it turned out both have a passion for Salsa, and they seemed to express themselves to one another just fine through the constant dancing (and other activities) that were going on in my studio for the duration of their stay, as they were both houseguests at the time, the one from Panama and the other from Washington State. They filled my house with laughter and fun, and I was very sad when they left. Here are some lovely mementos of my wonderful time with them!



An Intimate Moment with Alfredo and Checo

A few weeks ago, while walking with Elias and my dog Caperucita in a small plaza near my house, I chanced to see a handsome couple kissing on a park bench, under a street lamp, both dressed in suit and tie, just like one of my paintings. Naturally, I wanted to paint them, but I didn't want to interrupt their lovemaking, so Elias and I walked around and around the park until one of them glanced up from his boyfriend's lips and happened to notice how very, very adorable my dog is. Naturally, they both went into hysterics as all people do when confronted with Caperucita, which was my excuse to chat them up and ask if they wanted to model! before long the four of us were drinking tequila and heading back to my house, where they were posing and making love in no time at all. Here are some of the photos I took of this charming couple; I'll be making paintings of them soon. Thank you Alfredo and Checo!



Getting Ready for the Bike Ride

Saturday was the World Nude Bike Ride, and Elias and I decided to attend and throw a party afterward, in which we would invite all the cute boys we saw riding their bikes to attend! Naturally, we decided to make costumes for the affair; we thought we would dress like greek gods, myself as Bacchus in his leopard skin robe, Elias as Hermes with white wings at his temples and tucked into his white sneakers. However, when it came time to actually making our costumes, Elias seemed rather uninspired and spent his whole time playing with Caperucita, so the white wings didn't come out as intended. Here are some photos Elias took of me at work on my costume, and the final result. I'll post photos of the bike ride and party soon!