The Artist And His Model





The Divers 2

more photos of diving boys!



Sunshine and Massage

These are some photos of Elias from our first day at Zipolite; there is not much to say, other than that sunshine, massage, margaritas, skinny dipping, and flirting with cute boys are wonderful things. Such a lovely day!



The Divers

On our third day at Zipolite, Elias and I discovered a lovely spot to do some diving, or rather, a handsome older gentleman who was already diving showed us how to do it so as to avoid the rocks and surf. We spent many lovely hours diving into the sea among the brightly colored fishes; here are some photos I took of my boyfriend and that handsome older man on that lovely day. That evening, there was a large party on the beach, filled with the most beautiful boys come from Mexico City for a weed of sand and sex, and we Elias and I had a lovely time with new friends we made that night, making love on the beach with handsome ballet dancers and art students, swimming between bouts of sex and love. Taking photos is naturally frowned upon in that public place, but we brought some of our favorite boys back to my hotel for a full night of sexy play; I will be sharing those photos soon!



Japanese Calendar boys 


These are some photos I took a couple of years ago of my ex-boyfriend Felix Forrest. I took thousands of photos of him and of the two of us, many of which have turned up over and over in my paintings. I used these to make some of the images from my Japanese Seasons calendar; here they are together with the paintings inspired by them!


Vintage Love





San Agustinillo

These are some photos from our second day with friends at Zipolite, at San Agustinillo, a nearby beach with beautiful reefs, delicious food, and colorful fishes. 



My Sweetie's Birthday Party 4

These are the final photos I took in the living room, before I moved the party to the bedroom and encouraged a rather racier atmosphere!



My Sweetie's Birthday Party 3

I took a million photos at my boyfriend's birthday party. Here are some more, in which Elias loses his toga, finds a black wrestler mask, and gets hogtied for his birthday spankings!



Ebay Watercolor

I make simple watercolors on a regular basis that I sell on exclusively on my ebay store, that are more inexpensive than my usual fare; under 100 dollars. I usually devote a day a week to making these, and they don't usually make it onto my website. Anyway, I thought this drawing was rather lovely, so I thought I would share it on my blog, along with some photos of myself and Fyrefly, a model I used to love working with in San Francisco. Click on the link to check out my ebay store!

Felix d'Eon Ebay Store