My Sweetie's Birthday Party 2

More photos from the party!



Vintage Athletes




My Sweetie's Birthday Party

So my charming boyfriend Elias turned 24 yesterday! I threw a little surprise party for him, inviting only our, well, male friends, since I intended the party to get a little frisky as the night wore one. I was not let down! I'll post photos over several posts; here is Elias and a couple of the early arrivals, getting stripped down and re-dressed in bits of this and that. Elias is the charmer in the black transparent greek thing, and I am dressed in white, undressing a good friend. More photos will come soon!



On The wing

My friends Danimal and Oscar from San Francisco came by the studio to model no too long after I had met them, a few years ago. I had no particular images in mind, but since they were such an attractive couple, I simply asked them to go to town, certain that the photos would come in useful later. They were so sweet and lovely, and it was such a pleasure that they shared their intimacy with me. Here are some photos of the two, along with in-progress shots of "On the Wing," a recent painting made using the lovely photos I took a few years ago. 


Drawing Trevor

Trevor is one of my best friends in San Francisco, whom I am super sad to have left behind! I have drawn and photographed him a thousand times; whenever he came over to the studio just to hang out, I stripped him naked and dressed him in one of my costumes and we would hang out in that state! These photos are from when I first met him; he had been a model invited to my studio by my friend Dot, who used my studio in San Francisco for his own photo shoots, so when I met him he was already flitting naked about the studio, and we got along from that first moment. I invited him to come back soon after, and drew him from life, which is something I used to do a great deal even just a few years ago, but have since given up. Anyway, here are some photos of him modeling in my old bedroom, and the drawing I made that day. Click on the drawing if you are interested in purchasing a print of it!

My Sweet Knight

I didn't take any progress shots of the making of this painting, but I thought I would share some of the photos of myself and Felix Forrest that inspired the final painting. Click on the painting if you want to purchase it or see it bigger!


Vintage Naked Guys




Spaceman Embraces

So I was asked by the nice guys at Go Bang, the SF nightclub, to design a flier on a spaceman theme, and this is the result! I used an old photo shoot from many years ago featuring my friends Steven and Jesse, who then were boyfriends. This was one of my first photo shoots with a gay couple that I had ever done; I photographed them at the head of the stairs for future conversion to angels and gods. Here are some of the photos from that day, along with the progress shots of the flier!


Painting a Paper Moon

I have had a very large vintage photo frame, I think from the 1940's or so, with a portrait of a bride, hanging around my house for more than a year, which I had always intended to fill with a large and very beautiful image, since the frame itself, while simple, was of a heavy and beautiful paper, and large in size. It occurred to me to paint a Paper Moon, those romantic images from old county fairs which I love so much. Luckily, I had some photos from an old photo shoot of my friend Artist, which I had taken to make gay Marriachi love paintings, but in which we were in the perfect pose, legs dangling, necks kissed, and ready for insertion into a midnight sky. I took the photos about 9 months ago, and never did make the painting for which they were intended. But in any case, here are some photos of myself and Artist for the Paper Moon, along with some in-progress shots. At the bottom is the painting itself, which you can click on if you are interested in purchasing it!


My Most Beautiful Love

I have felt inspired to paint some images of Hasidic jews for quite some time, and confronted with a lovely page torn from a late Edwardian magazine, with its classic oval shape and beautiful detailing, it seemed like the perfect time to do it. For a painting which I wanted to feel sexy and yet innocent, my source photos are rather racy. I am one of the models in the photos, and the other is Fyrefly, a handsome porn star and gentleman who was brought to my studio by friend Dot to model for one of his photo shoots. I really didn't have anything to do with it; I was sitting at my desk, painting away, while Dot took photos. Fyrefly kept on sending devilish looks my way, and before long Dot asked if I wanted to join in the photo shoot. I lost not time in losing my clothes, and as I stood rather shyly to the side, Fyrefly grabbed my dick and pulled me by it into the photo shoot, and a rather racier day than I had imagined promptly developed. Here are some photos from that photoshoot, along with the one I ultimately used for the drawing, as well as an early photo of the painting in progress. Below is the painting; click on it if you want to see it larger or to purchase!