A Folsom Day 2




Brendan Sleeping


Sleeping Jeremy




Jeremy And I Pose


Vintage Love




Playing Greeks


Jeremy and yours truly posing for some stock photos



Jacob and I

These photos were taken the day I met Jacob; a young friend of my photographer friend Dot. I used to let Dot use my old San Francisco studio for his photo sessions, which was lovely, as on any random day, I might be sitting at my desk, painting away, when in front of me a photo shoot would develop with some lovely boy who came waltzing into my studio with the sole intention of getting naked. As Jacob wanted some erotic shots taken that day, I was pressed into service, and had a charming time with my handsome new friend. Here are some photos of the two of us taken on that lovely Spring day!





Oliver and Stephen Pose



Posing For Paintings

Some photos taken a few years ago of the artist posing for some stock photos in his San Francisco studio.



Figure Drawing Group

I used to host a figure drawing group at my old studio in San Francisco; Stephen and Oliver were two of my favorite models, and naturally I had them model for me all the time. Here are a few photos of our old group!