The Staircase 1

Some photos of myself and my ex posing on the staircase of my San Francisco studio, as inspiration for angels and superheroes and other winged and flying creatures.



Gregoire and The Piano



Gregoire At The Beach

Gregoire is an ex-boyfriend of my twin brothers; he is a French boy who was living in Milan with Marcelito; he is charming and just a little naughty, which is really just like Marcelito. After he broke up with my brother, he came to San Francisco to visit for almost a month; here he is, posing in my studio for some stock photo of beach scenes!



Marcelito Gets ready for Bed

When Marcelito, my brother, came to visit me in the US a couple of years ago, we decided to meet in Chicago, a city where neither of us knew anybody, to get to know a new place and see the sights. Here he is, in our Chicago hotel, getting ready for bed after a hard day of architectural touristing and museum going.



A Crochet Glove

My mother made me the gloves in these photos, as something to wear at Burning Man. Here they are on an absurdly handsome model who, sadly, didn't want to have his photos posted on the internet. So here he is, a crochet glove, and just a little hip and thigh, of a charming model and friend!



Felix Forrest Sleeps



Shane Poses

I used to model for an older artist in San Francisco from time to time, who had a tiny apartment in Noe Valley. He was a sweetheart, and one day he arranged for me to model with another of his friends, this young man named Shane, who was a young student at Berkley. We didn't talk much; he was rather shy, but we held one another and cuddled in each others arms for the duration of a couple of drawings. I had brought my camera, so when the artist was finished with his drawings, I asked if he would mind taking photos of us together; here are photos I took of Shane in the next several postings, and photos taken of us by the generous artist!



Shane In The Shower



Shane And I In The Shower



Bath Time With Shane